• Nexus MP 11.5" Silver Scout concentric searchcoil

Nexus MP 11.5" Silver Scout concentric searchcoil

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The Silver Scout (SS) concentric search coils tuned at 24kHz are designed specifically with Nexus Standard MP.

They are best suited for search in Iron infested fields and beach detecting of small gold and silver targets.

These search coils deliver unparalleled recovery speed and are both capable of discovering hammered silver and gold coins in Iron infested spots where no other detector can work efficiently. This special series search coils are very suitable for gold nugget hunting as they are extremely sensitive to minute non-ferrous targets such as small gold particles. The MP is fully capable to work with the Silver Scout search coils on any mineralized ground retaining proper discrimination.

11.5" Silver Scout - 365 grams

Product of Nexus produced in Bulgaria

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