Delivery Information

Delivery Information


Bulgarian shipping

FREE delivery of an item over BGN 100 to a place in Bulgaria with an office of courier company ECONT

(excluding the sluice boxes)

We send to any point in Bulgaria via ECONT.

Your purchase arrives with charge and delivery at our expense to the courier's office or to your address as well as to a settlement without an office of ECONT.

When ordering, you only need to give the shipping details and your personal details to fill in the invoice and warranty card on your behalf.

The fastest and easiest way to order is by phone

Deliveries from ECONT range from one to two business days depending on whether there is an office at the place of delivery.

For other items with a price below 100 BGN or the sluice boxes offered by metaldetectorsbg the delivery is also done by ECONT but is at the expense of the customer.


EU shipping 

Deliveries to Romania and Greece are made through courier company ECONT at the expense of the customer. The goods are paid upon receipt to the courier ore if you prefer via bank transfer. Delivery is normally done on the next business day, PLEASE NOTE in individual cases such as weekends, holidays or long distances up to a week.

Otherwise our major shipping method is DPD ECONOMY by DPD  partner in Bulgaria - Speedy. You can track your order at:

the Speedy website - enter the tracking number we've sent you. Or use
the DPD website - you should enter the DPD number, seen as "foreign parcel number" on the Speedy tracking page. Please note that the DPD tracking number is validated up to 24H after we ship your order.
DPD will deliver to all the countries within the EU in 3 to 9 working days, depending on your location. In individual cases such as weekends, holidays or long distances delivery time can be more extended.

PLEASE NOTE! DPD does not deliver to the following postal codes in the corresponding countries:
United Kingdom: GY101AA-GY999ZZ, GY11AA-GY99ZZ, IM101AA-IM999ZZ, IM11AA-IM99ZZ, JE101AA-JE999ZZ, JE11AA-JE99ZZ
France: 00001-00030, 00100-00151, 00153-00299, 00361-00429, 00500-00699, 00750-00999, 96000-97999, 97100-97499, 98100-98999
Denmark: 3900-3999
Italy: 47031, 47890-47899
Finland: 22100, 22101, 22120, 22130, 22131, 22140, 22150, 22151, 22160, 22220, 22240, 22260, 22270, 22271, 22310, 22320, 22330, 22340, 22410, 22411, 22430, 22520, 22530, 22540, 22550, 22610, 22630, 22710, 22720, 22730, 22810, 22820, 22830, 22840, 22910, 22920, 22930, 22940, 22950, 22999
Spain: 35000-35999, 38000-38999, 51000-52999

If your address is within the above codes, please contact us, we will do our best to find the best shipping option for you.

Low-cost orders can be shipped also with the Bulgarian posts, with priority air mail, signed for.

EU Country Zones and Shipping Costs

EU countries are divided into 4 zones. It’s a list with the countries zones and the corresponding shipping cost:

Zone 1 | EUR 11.00 - Bulgaria, Greece, Romania

Zone 2 | EUR 16.00 - Austria, Germany, Hungary

Zone 3 | EUR 23.00 - France, Belgium, Britain, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Netherlands

Zone 4 | EUR 37.00 - Estonia, Ireland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Sweden

Shipping to Cyprus ~ EUR 17.00, and Malta ~EUR 23.00 is with Bulgarian posts.

The above prices are for parcel with total weight of up to 5 kg. If your order exceeds this limit, additional shipping charges may apply. For a comparison the package for single detector with medium-sized coil, the accessories and papers normally weights slight less than 5 kg.