• Metaldetector Pirate Apolonia 14KHz

Metaldetector Pirate Apolonia 14KHz

  • 350.00 лв.

APOLONIA is a modern and professional metal detector, designed to work on every type of terrain, including highly mineralised terrain with high ore and high metal pollutant content. It has perfect depth and discrimination and stands out with high quality, easy user tuning and minimal need for maintenance. This makes this detector equally suitable for beginner and for experienced users.

 As a concept APOLONIA is made:

- to have optimal detection depth in all conditions;

 - to be used on any type of terrain;

- to have an adjustable level of discrimination; 

- to be able to successffully detect coins placed under ceramics, stones and rocks;

- to be able to detect coins in highly mineralised terrain;

- to have good detection not just to copper but also to silver and gold objects; to have high detection speed and quick overload recovery speed and at the same time good stability.

Realistically, APOLONIA metal detector is one of the high depth detection detectors especially when talking about metal detectors of the inductive balance type.

APOLONIA is made built with high quality, RoHS compatible and fully shielded against electromagnetic interferences electronics and high quality components such as:  durable and light disassemblable support frame built from aluminum and carbon; electronic unit placed inside a light and sturdy box made from ABS and aluminum; DD or SEF waterproof search coils; double shielded against electromagnetic interferences search coil cable;

All of this provides for smooth work, regardless of temperature changes and other environmental features, long work life with and a 3 year


"THRESHOLD"  is used to set the required audio threshold.

"DISC. LEVEL" regulates the rejection level for iron objects.

"VOLUME-On/Off" is used for turning the device on and off and to determine the volume.

"PHONES" this is where the headphones are plugged in if necessary.

"LOW BAT'' indicator for low battery voltage.


  Induction Balance (IB)

  Very Low Frequency (VLF)

Base work frequency:  14 KHz 

  Work mode: movement

  High depth metaldetector made for work on every kind of terrain

High efficiency even on higly mineralised terrain, terrain with high ore content, terrain with high ceramics content and terrain with high rock content.

Standart search coil - DD 28cm (11''), the detector can be equipped with different size coils

Integrated batterie 12V – 10 batteries 1.2V each, 1600mAh, high quality and longevity.

           Automatic charger device

Automated ground ballance – auto ground

  High detection speed

Quick overload recovery

Adjustable audio threshold

Adjustable volume

Adjustable degree of discrimination/iron rejection, foil rejection and lower quality metals rejection (usually pollutants)

Adjustable detection depth

LED indicator for low battery voltage

Stereo headphones output jack – 6.35mm (¼ '')

Work duration with one battery charge: up to 35 hours

Consumption – min: 25 mA, max: 40 mA

– Disassemblable and adjustable support frame made from aluminum and carbon

Durable and comfortable handle and armrest

Light and strong electronics box made from ABS

Electronics, fully shielded against electromagnetic interferences

Double shielded against electromagnetic interferences search coil cable

Weight when fully assembled and ready for work: 1.350kg

RoHS compatible

  Developed and manufactured in Bulgaria, 3 years warranty




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